As a therapist or health professional, choosing to rent the right office space can be confusing and overwhelming, requiring numerous decisions that affect the overall success of your business. Whether you are just starting to grow your business, have outgrown your current space, or simply looking to relocate, you should carefully weigh your options to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary long-term commitments. After all, this decision will likely be your most important one.

Traditionally, health and wellness professionals have had limited options to choose from when it came to finding an ideal office for their practice. Office spaces that offer both the right environment, are affordable and have flexibility (i.e., rent by the hour, day or month) are nearly non-existent.

An example of maximum flexibility is HealWell Center in Mount Pleasant, SC. It is a “pay as you work” space that is geared specifically for health practitioners. Learn more by visiting Of course, your specific profession plays a large part in which environment will work best for you. For health professionals in particular, health and wellness flexible spaces like HealWell Center may offer more benefits than traditional rental offices. Features like  comfortable furniture, privacy and rental flexibility are all essential elements to providing good care to your clients. 

Since most clinicians will be seeing clients on the premises, it is also ideal to be located in a building with fellow like-minded clinicians within the same industry instead of a salon suite, tax accountant or sneaker start up company. Patient experience is priority #1 for most practitioners and the office that you rent must check these important boxes.

Which one is right for you?  Let’s compare some key differences in renting traditional office space vs. a coworking flexible space.

HealWell Center Vs. Traditional Office


One of the most important benefits of renting a coworking office space is its flexibility. Flexible lease options give you the ability to use the space on a short-term or long-term basis depending on your immediate needs. When it comes to health and wellness professionals, your caseload often changes. For example, if your are treating clients part-time, then an hourly or daily rental plan may be more cost effective for your business needs. Conversely, if you have a full consistent schedule, then a monthly or longer term lease may be more appropriate. These options provide the ultimate balance of affordability and stability.


In addition to rent, office expenses can add up quickly. Everything from build-out/renovation costs, to office supplies, furniture, utilities and maintenance, additional costs can eat up your budget and overall profit. Coworking spaces like the Healwell Center come equipped with all of the tools you need to successfully run your business. Ideally, access to a move-in ready space that includes all utilities and maintenance, with no build-outs costs necessary significantly reduce your financial burden. Coworking is also more cost-effective for small teams than leasing your own space, and you’ll have the option to sign a shorter lease term if you’re unsure of how your business will evolve.


Ranging from basic to high end, amenities are an added bonus to your shared workspace experience that most traditional office rentals do not offer. Depending on your specific needs, there are some basic amenities that any professional should look for on their search for the ideal space. 

Access to equipment like a good quality copier/scanner/printer as well as high speed and reliable internet are an absolute must. Some spaces include mail services and a community manager to welcome your guests and ensure that you have everything you need. Finally, most cowering spaces have kitchens, waiting room with staffed reception and refreshments for you and your client.


Your office is an extension of you and the care that you provide. Your clients should feel safe and comfortable when they come to see you. In traditional office spaces, it is often a mixed group of professionals in a busy and overstimulating environment which does not usually lend itself to a calming, secure and therapeutic feel.  

Health and wellness coworking offices were designed specifically to meet the needs of the patient and wellness professional. From HIPAA secure storage capabilities to sound-proofed rooms in a secure building, wellness workspaces provide the perfect location to care for your client. 


Health and wellness professionals benefit from having access to peers who can offer support, collaboration, and networking opportunities. Renting an office in a building surrounded by like-minded professionals affords this experience. 

As a health and wellness professional, working in an environment that offers a unique combination of flexible lease options, privacy, essential amenities in a like-minded  working community can be difficult to find in traditional office spaces. 

Due to lack of options, practitioners have had to resort to renting space in an existing business that is not designed for healing, which can negatively impact the therapeutic image you are trying to convey. Thankfully, health and wellness serviced-office spaces, like Healwell Center, are available to address these needs. Searching for ideal office space to rent may take some effort, but well worth it in the end.

About HealWell Center

Owned and operated by licensed clinicians, the HealWell Center is a niche co-working space designed specifically for health and wellness practitioners. We want to help clinicians successfully start or grow their health and wellness business. 

Our all-inclusive co-working center offers a low-cost, amenity-rich, flexible office space that helps private practice clinicians maximize profits while connecting with like-minded professionals in a thriving community setting. For more information, please visit our website at