Health and Wellness Practitioners That Rent Coworking Therapy Office Space in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Coworking, also called co-sharing or shared office space, has become the new black in the world of working environments. If you haven’t heard the term yet, rest assured you will in the next year. What exactly is coworking you ask? The first thing that may pop into one’s mind is a large group of colleagues within an organization in a cubicle-filled office. Each tiny box decorated with one’s important things in life; pictures of family, sports memorabilia and positive mantras encouraging them along until the next long awaited Friday.

However, a coworking space is actually quite the opposite. It is not just an office, it is a common workplace community consisting of private offices, conference rooms, dedicated desks, non-dedicated desks and open-seating tables that are shared among diverse professionals who work either collaboratively or individually. Coworking spaces offer a productive environment for their members without the risk or limitations that typically come attached when working in a traditional office setting. 

Similar to a gym membership where members have access to all of the gym equipment and amenities, a coworking space offers its members various spaces and perks necessary to carry out their work efficiently and affordably. With the flexibility of renting space hourly, daily, and monthly, members can utilize the space that best fits their needs and budget without the upfront costs or long-term obligations that would otherwise be necessary to rent their own space.

The concept of coworking began almost three decades ago and originally consisted of freelancers, marketing, IT professionals as well as the run-of-the-mill entrepreneurs. Fast forward to today, while most coworking locations include a wide variety of professional members within a shared space, there has been an increase in the demand of niche coworking spaces among specific professions. One example is beauty salon shared working spaces, which have been successful at creating opportunities for beauty professionals to create a unique space for their business without having the start up costs or commitments that are required to open their own salon. 

Renting Shared Office Space For Licensed Health Practitioners

In addition to niche coworking spaces like salons, wedding vendors and women-only spaces, the health and wellness community has also seen an increase in the need to create a collaborative, yet private and secure environment to practice their specialty. With the steady increase in start-up costs necessary for healthcare practitioners to start a business, coupled with declining reimbursement for patient treatment, now more than ever, shared coworking spaces have become more attractive for practitioners.

Comparison Between Traditional Office and Health and Wellness Coworkiing Office

Healthcare practitioners face several economical challenges that often prevent them from opening their own traditional office space. Those challenges are not only economical in nature, but stem from the business side as well. 

Practitioners know how to deliver excellent care and rehabilitation to their patients, but often lack comprehensive knowledge about navigating build-out/renovation costs, purchasing furnishings, fixtures and equipment (FFE), managing an office and staff, and effectively negotiating leases just to name a few. Utilizing a shared working space, which does the heavy lifting for their members, eliminates those obstacles so they can focus exclusively on what they do best – caring for their patients. 

Key benefits practitioners experience when utilizing a shared work environment. 

  • No long-term lease obligations or commitments
  • Flexible hourly, daily and monthly plans 
  • Turnkey workspace
  • Repairs, maintenance and utilities covered
  • Ability to quickly scale-up or down your caseload based on your needs
  • Low overhead costs = higher profits
  • Ongoing networking opportunities with like-minded practitioners
  • Collaborative environment
  • Includes concierge services, amenities and business center
  • Decreased distractions 
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Safe location
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Health and Wellness Practitioners Perfect For Coworking Office Space

Although there are a wide range of practitioners that would fit well with the shared office setting model, we have compiled a list (in no particular order) of our top clinicians that would benefit most from a flexible office space.

1. Mental Health Clinicians: Also known as counselors, mental health clinicians work to counsel and support patients with mental illnesses. They may diagnose and treat emotional disorders, encourage patients to discuss their feelings and help patients create new strategies and techniques to improve their lives and relationships.

Listed below are examples of different types of mental health professionals:

  • Social Worker- counselor trained to make diagnoses, provide individual and group counseling, and provide case management and advocacy.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor – counselor trained to diagnose and provide individual and group counseling. 
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor – counselor with specific clinical training in alcohol and drug abuse. 
  • Nurse Psychotherapist –  registered nurse who is trained in the practice of psychiatric and mental health nursing. 
  • Marital and Family Therapist –  therapist with special education and training in marital and family therapy. 
  • Pastoral Counselor – clergy with training in clinical pastoral education. Trained to diagnose and provide individual and group counseling. 
  • Peer Specialist – counselor that treats mental health or substance abuse conditions.  Assists clients with recovery by recognizing and developing strengths, and setting goals.  

2. Neuropsychologist – psychologist who specializes in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behavior.

3. Psychiatrist – are trained medical doctors that spend much of their time with patients on medication management as a course of treatment.

4. Acupuncturist- provides an alternative to medical therapy through inserting needles into specific areas of the body with the goal of balancing their energy, decreasing pain and improving wellbeing.

5. Naturopathic Care – combines medical care and a wide variety of natural treatment approaches for disease treatment and prevention.

6. Massage Therapist – provides clinical massages to treat a specific condition.

7. Chiropractor – specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders. Often, they provide manual techniques to adjust your spine and eliminate misalignments that may be causing health problems.

8. Nutritionist – advises others on how to achieve optimal health through proper nutrition.

9. Life coach – an advisor who counsels others through personal or professional stages and challenges through goal setting, mentoring and advising.

10. Physical Therapist – experts on the movement of the body to improve quality of life through muscle specific exercise, manual therapy, and patient education.

11. Occupational Therapist – provide a holistic approach and customized interventions to improve the person’s ability to perform activities of daily living in which the focus is on adapting the environment and/or task to fit the person.

12. Speech Therapist – provide treatment for speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

No matter the profession, therapists and clinicians can all agree on the essential components they are looking for when searching for space to rent; a supportive environment to achieving health, privacy for both clinicians and their respective clients, high-speed internet connection, HIPAA compliance with all aspects of care, private sound-proofed rooms to carry out treatment, natural light and a design and layout that lends itself to optimal care. 

Having a safe, collaborative and nurturing environment is a must for clinicians. Renting an office at a coworking space offers members the ability to have access to the environment they need for varied and short periods of time. Clinicians have the flexibility to book a space by the hour or day without having to pay a high monthly rent when the space is only being occupied for a limited time.

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In addition to flexible bookings, amenities such as scheduling apps, concierge services and HIPAA-compliant medical record keeping are added bonuses. Finally, health and wellness niche shared working spaces lends itself to a nurturing community environment which helps with professional collaboration, networking and even increased referral opportunities. 

About HealWell Center

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