Renting a Safe and Clean Office Space in the Mount Pleasant/Charleston Area.

Prior to 2020, looking for an ideal office rental space consisted mainly of checking off certain items that fit your specific business needs such as size, location, amenities and price. Now, since COVID-19 has reared it’s ugly head, cleanliness and safety precautions probably top your list of needs and for good reason. 

With 41% of people fearful of returning to their current office , many are working from home and discovering that it is not a long-term, sustainable solution. Distractions, isolation and lack of privacy are just a few reasons why working from home may not be the ideal arrangement.

For health professionals who lease office space, economic strains resulting from a decrease in business may pose an additional financial hurdle. Health and wellness professionals also have an added interest of not only keeping themselves safe and healthy while at work, but their clients as well.

Thankfully, with places in Mount Pleasant/Charleston area like the HealWell Center, practitioners can stay safe while keeping costs low by paying only for what they need. Members can scale up or down by taking advantage of HealWell Center’s flexible office space rental options ranging from hourly, daily or monthly plans.

Fortunately, finding a work space that follows recommendations for safety guidelines in the wake of COVID-19 is achievable. Thanks to federal, state and local guidelines, adherence to the following list of safety measures should be considered when looking for office space:

  • Self-screening of employees and guests at entry.
  • Heightened sanitization practices that align with current CDC guidelines. 
  • Easy access to hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes throughout the building, making it easier for individuals to regularly sanitize their personal areas, in addition to, heightened janitorial services. 
  • High-efficiency air filtration systems.
  • Touch-free dispensers in restrooms and high traffic areas. 
  • Single-use cups, utensils, disposable food and beverage items.
  • Access to PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Furnishings and workspace areas that meet social distancing requirements.
  • Adherence to CDC recommendations for proper face-coverings

Renting an office and maintaining a healthy work environment is possible. Even when there is no immediate health risk or pandemic present, health measures like the ones listed above help to ensure the well-being of employees and guests no matter the season. It’s important to do your research when looking for an office to rent and ensure that they are addressing COVID-19 risks.

About HealWell Center

Owned and operated by licensed clinicians, the HealWell Center is a niche co-working space designed specifically for health and wellness practitioners. We want to help clinicians successfully start or grow their health and wellness business. 

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